Closed for the Holidays

AS220 Industries will be closed for the holidays and will re-open January 2nd. See you then! (Keymembers still have 24/7 access of course!)
New Workshop

Making Musical Apps with openFrameworks, Pure Data, and/or Raspberry Pi

The title says it all. This is part of PVFLoop but free and open to the public. Bring your laptop and we'll do our best to get you up and running.

RI Mini Maker Faire and Foo Fest 2016

The Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire returns to Providence on August 13th at AS220 Foo Fest 2016!

State Of The Onion, AS220 Industries Annual Open House and Meetup, Saturday the 7th 5-7

The State of the Onion is our annual open house and meet up. It'll be a presentation looking back at the past year and forward to the next.

AS220 Industries Spring Fundwocky Now Live

What's a Fundwocky? We wanted to avoid using the term fundraiser, so we made up the word. The idea is that we would come up with an interesting slate of perks and things so that it is less about asking for money and more about getting people excited about the offerings generated by the folks of the Industries. You've got one month.
New Project

Reverbalizer Hackable Multieffects Module

The Reverbalizer is a hackable electronic multieffects module for mobile and microcontroller applications. It is hackable in two ways. It comes with 8 effects in ROM and 8 on the re-programmable cartridge.

AS220 Industries Expands Electronics Offerings with Modern Device

Earlier this year we finished what was a many month process of merging the Modern Device electronics kit business with AS220 Labs.

Applications for Print and Book Workshop now open!

Lara Henderson's Print and Book Workshop will prepare the student for a final editioned book project, fully developed and realized by each.
New Project

Handmade Photosensitive Emulsions Workshop

In this day and age, the magic of the darkroom offers a disruptive departure from the stream of instant and manipulated images. This workshop led by Kevin Rice
 of Process Reversal covered the chemistry, physics and practical considerations of making and coating silver gelatin emulsions for cinematography and photography.
New Project

Where’s Wally? Fab Academy 2015

Where's Wally is the final FabAcademy project submission from Kenzo Abiko, a student who travelled from his hometown of San Paolo, Brazil to gain from all AS220 Industries had to offer.
New Workshop

Learn To Solder With Mitch Altman: Make a TV-B-Gone

Mitch Altman, inventor of TV-B-Gone, is in residence at AS220 for most of September 2015. Come to AS220 Labs for this workshop and learn to solder while putting together a socially-redeeming kit: the TV-Be-Gone.

Foo Fest 2015

Thanks for making it out to this year’s Foo Fest! We’ve got some photos up from last weekend on Flickr. Check them out here! More to come as we sift through through the rubble.

Fab Academy 2015 Final Projects

The 6th class of the Fab Academy wrapped up last week. Everyone had to make a single slide (and an optional movie) in addition to documenting everything.

CNC Guitar Making with Larry

For the past few months, Larry has been leading a workshop using all of the tools of the Lab to make guitars with three folks from CCRI.
New Workshop

Monotype and Collograph Narrative Class

In this class students will learn both the process of Monotype printing and Collograph printing to produce a short visual narrative. Monotype printing is done by applying ink to a sheet of plexiglass and then running the sheet through the press to produce one, unique image.

AS220 Labs at Robot Block Party

AS220 Labs was at the Robot Block Party this past weekend.

Open House April 7th: Printshop Bingo

Print your own bingo card on the letterpress, then play Printshop Bingo.

2015 Print Lottery

April is Print Lottery month! This biennial fundraiser is a vital source of operating funds that helps us keep the doors open and the space accessible. See printlottery.as220.org.
New Workshop

Spring Recess Photo Bootcamp for Kids

April 20-24, 11am-3pm: This class will train students how to see the world and their surroundings in a new way, as well as what goes into making great photos.

Fab Academy Adventures #1 by Erin Kennedy

Erin Kennedy is a Fab Academy student in Canada, working remotely from Providence. She'll be writing a bi-weekly post for the Make Magazine blog highlighting the weekly projects of Academy students.

Topical Talks #2: Hacking the Common Denominator with David Cuartielles

Fab Academy Topical Talks continue, this week with David Cuartielles explaining his research on how technology can help meet everyone's expectations around education.