Member Spotlight: Member March Shout Out!

This month in our Member Spotlight, we wanted to give a few shout outs to Industries members would are exhibiting regionally and locally.

AS220 Resident and Industries Member Kyle b co. are an exhibiting fellowship recipient of the 2019 Rhode Island Council on the Arts Fellowship. Their artist talks and the closing reception of the annual fellowship show is set for Sunday, March 31, 2019, at the Warwick Center for the Arts.

A(raylicious)-Package-of-Blackness by Artist Kyle b. co. // CUT + PASTER Postcard Image by John DeMelim, Fragments on the Wall, 8” x 8” x 2”, collage.)


AS220 Resident and Industries Member Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez is participating in a group show entitled, CUT & PASTE at the Jamestown Arts Center, Jamestown, RI. Their works along with others will be on view from March 14 – April 20, 2019.

New Member Austin Blanks and his team recently proposed their project is titled “Hay Neighbor!” for the “Imagine Us Here” request issued by CityWorks. In collaboration with Aaron Tobey and Shou Jie Eng, they propose a series of pavilions made with straw bales along the Providence River Greenway. Their project statement as follows: Hay Neighbor! is a commitment to using the familiar in unfamiliar ways. From the oft-overlooked straw bale as a mode of construction to the underused and transitory stretch of South Water Street as a site for community action, this commitment threads its way through the project just as the Providence River weaves through the city. Our proposal creates a series of five pavilions that we call “vessels”: places where civic energy can be accommodated and amplified along the river. Each vessel performs a specific function, like an urban instrument. From north to south along the river, the vessels in turn see, gather, listen, project, and condense.


Proposal Images of Austin Blanks' Hay Neighbor project


Industries Member Madison Emond has a solo exhibition at Space Place Gallery in Nizhny Tagil, Russia. Located in the center of the Eurasian continent, sitting 25 kilometers east of the border between Europe and Asia alongside the Ural Mountains. Her show entitled, “North Side of the Sound,” features work from two projects: my senior thesis “I Have Never Stepped in the Same River Twice” and my latest project, “North Side of the Sound”


image of Psychadelic Sand artwork by Madison Emond


Common Thread featuring the works of Providence-based Contemporary artists: Christian Roy & Industries member Michael Ezzell. Common Thread is an exploration of classical myths told through the lens of printmaking and weaving. Tactile in nature, Roy’s delicate wall hangings interpret stories conceptually and graphically, utilizing repetitive shape and pattern. Ezzell’s etchings celebrate the richness of detail and symbolism that myths would illuminate, guiding the viewer through an illustrative narrative. Shown side by side, threads can be drawn between the two.


Micheal Ezzell's printmaking process, artist proof and exhibition announcement
Printmaker Micheal Ezzell’s etching process, artist proofs, and exhibition announcement.


Industries member Kah Yangni will be participating in the MFA Late Nite March event as part of their rollout for their new Gender Bending Fashion exhibition. Kah will be participating in their Maker Market, which will feature queer artists in and around Boston, MA.

Display of Kah Yangni's printed tote bags
Display of Artist Kah Yangni’s printed tote bags
Paul Parker Portrait for their show "Labels" // David Dvorchak Petting Sitting Portrait of Owner and their pet
Paul Parker Portrait for their show “Labels” // David Dvorchak Petting Sitting Portrait of Owner and their pet

Industries member Paul Parker is exhibiting new works in his exhibition entitled, Labels on view at the AS220 Main Gallery at 115 Empire Street. AS220 Staff and Industries’ member David Dvorchak’s show, Pet Sitting, will be at the AS220 Main Gallery in April (opening April 6th). Medium format film portraits of people and animals. Shot at Media Arts and processed and printed in the Community Darkroom.

ƒrµÏ†Ï✿Ǹ, the gallery show is opening on Saturday April 6th, 5-7pm, at AS220’s Resident Gallery. The show will include all the outfits from Industries members Nick Carter and Ming Pho of PPHO X ASMR ‘s FW18 collection, a limited edition lookbook featuring profiles of all the models, new ready-to-wear merch, behind-the-scenes photos and videos, and more!

ƒrµÏ†Ï✿Ǹ (Fruition) gallery show promotional image