News: Featured Prints: Kate Aitchison’s Dams

“The construction of dams is one of the most visible forms of human Intervention that affect our free flowing waterways. Their obstructive power fuels human existence while altering entire landscapes. From Rhode Island’s role in the Industrial Revolution utilizing hydraulic power to the Southwestern United States (in)famous mega dams, our ability to control where the water flows has created some of the most political and environmental debates of our time. Water is pumped into places where no large-scale human society could ever live before. Progress, for better or for worse, is constantly being made. We now have the ability to decide where a river flows and where it is drowned. Rivers have become landscapes of our own invention, vacillating between the paths they choose and the paths we have engineered for them. ”

Kate Aitchison is a member at AS220 Industries.   Her most recent project, produced with support from the Brown Arts Initiative, is a large scale 5 panel print mural at the Granoff Center at Brown University in Providence, RI.   The reception will be held on Thursday, September 6th beginning at 5:30.