News: Media Arts Lecture: The Grateful Undead

Tips & Tricks for the Self-Reliant Filmmaker

Friday, October 27, 6-7pm @ AS220 Industries, Studio 206


In 1999, high school friends Patrick May and Allen Riley wrote a movie about vampire hippies from the 1960’s who stalk slackers in the 1990’s. In 2006, they borrowed a camera from the Providence public access TV station, called on their friends for help, and filmed The Grateful Undead over the course of two weeks of continuous filming.
In this Media Arts Lecture, May and Riley share tips and tricks for the self-reliant filmmaker and discuss how they made a feature-length film with no prior experience and without owning a camera or a computer.
To celebrate The Grateful Undead‘s 10-year anniversary, there will be a screening at the Columbus Theatre on Saturday, Oct. 28 at 7:30pm.