News: Opening this week: Spirit of the Mayan People

Photographer Edwin Pastor’s Spirit of the Mayan People opens in the Main Gallery at 115 Empire Street Sept 8-29.  Edwin is part of AS220’s Media Arts Program, a Youth Alum, and a long-time user of the Paul Krot Community Darkroom. 

Opening reception this Saturday Sept 8, 5-7 pm.  

About Edwin:  For the past six years I have admired and practiced photography. I love to capture moments and portraits of all people but especially love capturing images of my own culture. In 2015 I returned to my parent’s home communities in Guatemala after having not been there for over sixteen years. I am drawn to creating portraits of indigenous Mayan culture in the local villages that my family have come from. I love the colors of textiles from hand-made sewn dresses popular in the Mayan culture. My father told me about the stories of his childhood growing up in Guatemala he escaped the country in 1987 to escape the Civil War and a massive genocide. Knowing this I am even more impressed that the people who are that are poorest there are often the happiest. Being first generation Guatemalan America I never forget about the traditions, culture and heritage.

I hope to capture that in my photographic portraits. Returning again in the summer in 2018 I got to save up money and invest on buying film cameras one of the film cameras I received from the AS220 scholarship the Willam K Davy a famous photo journalist who passed away last year was  yaschica twin lens Medium format film camera. As a young artist attending college for associates degree in fine arts at CCRI I am very lucky to have a space like the AS220 darkroom. I have the resources to create and express myself through film photography making beautiful images from my images. The AS220 Paul Krot Community Darkroom provides me with a space to work on my photo art work with the photo enlargers chemistry and other tools.