News: March workshops at AS220 Industries



Fab Lab

Get trained up to use the CNC router, lasercutter, and 3D printers, learn to solder, explore new workshops in DIY electronics and P5JS

Build a Microscope with Public Lab
Sunday March 3, 11-1pm             

 At our DIY Community Microscope workshop, we’ll guide participants through building their own microscope with affordable materials: cardboard, bolts, webcams, and tape. It takes only 15-30 minutes to build, and plugs into a smartphone or laptop.

Soft Circuit Stuffed Animals
Wednesday March 6, 6-9pm
Learn the basics of sewing and electronics in this hands-on introduction to soft circuits.  We’ll design some simple LED circuits and sew them into a small stuffed animal that you can take home with you.

Learn to Solder:  Blinky Cat Pins
Sunday March 10, 12-2pm
Make a blinky cat pin, learn to solder, get an introduction to AS220 Industries!   No experience required, come learn the basics of electronics in this easy-to-assemble project.

Intro to Laser and Vinyl Cutting
Tuesdays March 12 + 19, 6-9pm
Learn how to lasercut wood, plastics, papers or textiles on the Epilog Mini AND learn how to use the vinyl cutter to make stickers and signs! This class will cover the basics of vector graphics and certify you to use both tools independently.

Intro to CNC Router
Wednesdays March 13 + 20, 6-9pm
Learn how to use the Fab Lab’s 4×8” ShopBot. We will cover 2D tool paths using PartWorks and VCarve Pro, as well as basic machine operation and safety.  This class will certify you to use the Shopbot independently.

Intro to 3D Printing
Thursdays March 14  + 21, 6-9pm
Get started on your first 3D printing projects and learn the basics of heat control, speed, and layer height for optimal models. This workshop will certify you to use AS220’s Taz and Ultimaker 3D printers.

Creative Coding: Intro to P5JS
Sundays March 24  + 31, 2-5pm
What  is code, and how do we write it? This is an introduction to programming simple animations and audio/visual experiences for the web. We will be using p5.js, a JavaScript library based on Processing, for creating programs that run in a web browser.


Media Arts

MEDIA ARTS   Use the Adobe Creative Suite to make beautiful graphics and explore new offerings in podcasting and photography.

Software Basics: Premiere
Sundays March 3-24, 11-2pm
Are you are a beginner waiting to make your first video project?  Looking to move from iMovie to software that gives you more creative control?   The class will walk through the entire editing and post-production process for making a short one-minute video using media provided to you.

Software Basics: Photoshop
Mondays March 4 + 11, 6-9pm
Learn the basics of Photoshop, including scanning artwork, photo correction, resizing, working with text and saving your files.

Talking to Strangers: Interview Techniques in Podcasting
Tuesday, March 5, 6-9pm
Every podcast interview has different challenges. In this class, we will talk about different approaches for getting the best interview.

Software Basics: Illustrator
Mondays March 18 + 25, 6-9pm
Learn the basics of Illustrator to manipulate vector graphics for a range of projects and applications. This class will cover everything that’s needed to start creating, from the fundamentals of pixels versus vectors to basic drawing and shape manipulation.

Software Basics: InDesign
Tuesdays March 19 + 26, 6-9pm
Learn the fundamentals of print and digital publishing in two sessions. The class will consist of formatting text and images into layouts, setting up master pages and graphic styles for text and creating simple documents.

PHOTOGRAPHY + DARKROOM All about photography! Workshops in digital photography, studio lighting, and the Paul Krot Community Darkroom.

Speedlighting 101
Sunday, March 3, 2-5pm
Learn how to use your on-camera hot shoe with various wireless triggers to get a large studio lighting look from a small compact flash that fits in a camera bag and that you already own.

Art Documentation
Thursday March 7, 6-9pm 
An introduction to artwork documentation for artists of all practices!   Gain the skillset and knowledge you need to document your work clearly and creatively.

Large Format Photography
Saturdays March 9-23, 11-2pm
Using AS220’s collection of 4×5 cameras, this workshop will take you through the entire large format process, from operating the cameras and their learning settings, to developing 4×5 film and making prints.

Product Photography
Thursday March 14, 6-9pm
An introduction to the various forms of product photography and the tools of the trade.  We will cover brand consistency, DSLR photography basics, lighting, and more.



PRINTSHOP   Kick off the month with a deep dive on screenprinting, get certified to book the letterpress, make beautiful things!

Intro to Silkscreen: Weeknight
Wednesdays March 6 +13, 6-9pm
Screenprinting is a versatile process that can be used to transfer graphic images to paper, wood, and fabric. It is ideal for making prints, posters, coasters, greeting cards, stationery, and more.  This workshop will certify you to book time in the silkscreen studio.

Soft Plates I: Monotype Studies
Saturdays March 16 + 24, 11-2pm
Learn the basics of platemaking and monotype.  “Soft plates” are thin substrates like paper, plastic, and vinyl that are capable of holding fixed details, etchings, and carved lines.  These ‘soft plates’ will be printed on the Printshop’s Takach Etching Press measuring up to 54” x 9’.

Intro to Letterpress: Polymer Plates
Mondays March 18 + 25, 6-10pm
Design and print your own images for letterpress using a light-sensitive polymer plate.  You will leave with a working knowledge of inking, pressure and roller height adjusting, registration, and cleaning.   This class will certify you to book the Vandercook letterpress for independent work.


Current members and staff get a 15% discount for all AS220 Industries workshops!   To register, use the code WORKSPRING19.