Workshop Archive: Laser Cut Acrylic Side Lit Signs and Figurines


In this class students will learn about side lighting acrylic. We will discuss the concept, design a project, and build a side lit sign or figurine. Each student will get to make their own side lit acrylic project on the laser cutter. This is a great opportunity to make a cool valentine, name plaque, comic figurine, or other sign.

We will design the projects in Inkscape and cut/etch the, with the laser cutter. Then We’ll build a simple LED and battery circuit to side light the image.
This class consists of one 3 hour session. At the end of this class you will understand the basics of side light design and get to take home your project.
All materials are included in the cost of the class.

Please note that though we will be using the laser cutter, this class will not train students on the details of using the machine and will not certify students to use the laser cutter on their own.