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Michael Rich and Carey Goodrich working on a new print
Michael Rich and Carey Goodrich working on a new print

Carey Goodrich was born and raised along the shores of Connecticut and Massachusetts. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, GA with a BFA in Photography and Printmaking in 2013. She currently resides in Providence, RI working as studio manager and master printer for Michael Rich. She also teaches the Intaglio class at the AS220 Printshop. This three session class is meeting this summer on July 14, 21 and 28. We interviewed Carey to find out more about her Intaglio class and also what she has been working on at the Printshop since she became a volunteer member this past winter.

Adam Intaglio Printby Carey Goodrich
Adam Intaglio Print by Carey Goodrich
How long have you been working with Intaglio?
I started etching in 2011 in an attempt to avoid the hardcore Drawing III foundations class at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). Within two weeks I had declared a printmaking minor to my degree and made every elective possible a printmaking class. Since that first etching class I haven’t gone more than (a quite painful) six weeks without making prints.
What you are currently working on?
I have recently thrown myself deeply into a suite of sugar-lift etchings appropriating photographs my great grandfather took during World War I. I am taking his photographs, how he saw the world and events around him, and applying my etching and drawing techniques to bridge consciousness between generations. Family has been a very strong driving force in my life because, whether I am conscious of it or not, that legacy has put me into the opportunities I have now.
How did you get involved at the AS220 Printshop?
AS220 attracted me because it was a place phentermine med outside of college where I could continue producing professional quality work without facing a scary collegiate tuition. I originally came here solely to produce prints but have found myself increasingly involved and in love with a much larger haven for handmade creativity than I ever anticipated.
What can students expect to learn in the Intro to Etching class?
Students in my class get thrust into my passionate understand that anything can be made on a copper plate! I show my students traditional hard and soft ground ferric chloride etching and the intaglio printing progress. We also touch on multiple plate etchings and an introduction to the aquatint process. In addition to traditional introductions to processes I instill the experimental joy in having a personal relationship with every plate an artist/hobbyist produces. With the easy digital age we live in I emphasize the quality of work and of connection that nothing besides a hand pulled print can offer. 
What is your favorite part about teaching the class?
I spent college figuring out how I could manipulate copper and I have gotten to the point where I am giddy and bursting to share everything I know with anyone who cares to listen and try. Part of my intaglio passion exists to spread the joy and freedom I have found in adapting modern techniques into a traditional process. I am here now to tell everything I know to any and everyone willing to absorb my excited passion. Etching has completely changed my life in ways far too wonderful to account for, if I can bring that light to the lives of a handful of people than I have found my worldly purpose.


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