News: Welcoming AS220 2018-2019 Digital Arts Fellows!

Saturday July 27, 2-5pm:  Digital World Building in Adobe After Effects. This workshop will lead participants through the process of building, lighting, and manipulating a custom-built world within After Effects. Participants will gain experience manipulating images and objects layers, animating light sources, and generating impossible camera angles within After Effects.
Tuesday July 30, 3-6pm:  Double Bind Walking Tour.   A walking workshop following the trajectories of urban data. We will learn how data and algorithms affect the social space of cities. Participants will have the opportunity to try DoubleBind, a wearable media project that examines the intersections between place, identity and online activism through a hooded sweatshirt connected to Twitter.
Thursday August 1, 6-8pm:  Intro to Arduino, Sensors and Interactive Circuits.  This workshop will introduce the basics of physical computing with Arduino. Participants will learn how to build circuits with sensors and motors while covering the fundamentals of coding in this open-source platform.