News: Fab Academy 2015 Final Projects


Jenny Kostka, Larry Zagorsky, Jazz Walker, Melita Morales, Kenzo Abiko, (front) Jessica Metz, Jill Hartley Yokota, Simon Slowinski, Lara Henderson, Avi Zajac (not present), Matthew Underwood (green screen), Erin Kennedy (Canada)

The 6th class of the Fab Academy wrapped up last week. It was a great group of students in Providence. Everyone had to document their work very thoroughly so if you get a chance you should spend some time going through the links at the bottom of this post to see the whole scope of skills developed during the Fab Academy.

Everyone had to make a single slide (and an optional movie) in addition to documenting everything. There’s some great and beautiful work here. A couple of observations worth noting:

  1. I’m happy that people really took advantage of the printshop and media arts; it is clear how valuable it is to have all those resources available
  2. Lot’s of people using openSCAD; lots of iterations on electronics designs (sometimes 5 or 6 a week); lots more molding and casting
  3. A good number of Fab Academy folks will be sticking around as new members

Here are the Providence slides presented at the last class:

Jenny’s Spacecraft Tracker

Jill’s GlowHouse ((Movie link)

Lara’s Moon Clock (Movie link)

Simon’s Fab Lamp

Melita’s Electronic Book (Movie Link)

Jessica’s Wifi-enabled power box (Movie Link)

Kenzo’s “Wally” Electronic Small Parts Storage (Movie Link)

Erin’s Cubesat Robot

This year’s archive is available here: