News: AS220 Industries will be CLOSED for Foo Fest!

AS220 Industries will be closed for Foo Fest and the week leading up!   We will NOT be running public hours from Wednesday August 15th through Wednesday the 22, 2018.  Any access will be limited to work on Foo Fest prep and clean-up. This includes Key Members and after-hours usage! Please plan accordingly.

August 15 – CLOSED:  Foo Fest Prep Only, 10pm – 6pm
August 16 – CLOSED: Foo Fest Prep Only, 2pm – 10pm
August 17 – CLOSED:  Foo Fest Prep Only, 10am – 6pm
August 18 – CLOSED:  Foo Fest!
August 19 – CLOSED: Foo Fest Clean Up, 12pm – 6pm
August 22 – CLOSED: Foo Fest Clean Up / Shop Reset, 10am-6pm
Thursday August 23d – we’ll be open to the public limited hours, 10am to 6pm only
Friday August 24th – return to regular hours

If you are interested in helping out or need to complete your member volunteer requirement, we would love to have you join us! Here is a link to the schedule and what we hope to accomplish and here is a link to sign up to volunteer. 

Thanks Everyone!

-The Industries Team <3