News: A belated celebration of “A Seat at the Table”

By Narvan Hilliard

“We are a bit belated in celebrating this exhibition here on our blog, but we want to thank Hannah Liongoren and all of the participating artists for the immense amount of work they did to make this incredible show happen. The exhibition was installed in our resident gallery here at AS220 during October of 2021. I hope your enjoy learning and reading about this project.”

Madison Emond, AS220 Industries Membership Coordinator

A Seat at the Table is an AS220 Industries Community Show Organized by
Hannah Liongoren and Madison Emond. It is a collective response to the
isolation that the pandemic presented to the community over the last year.
It served as an invitation to Industries Members to reflect and introspect on
what it meant to be constrained at home in front of our screens, seated in
individual chairs, moving from one virtual group to another, while coping
with the uncertainty of this time.

The exhibit features individually painted cut-out chair silhouettes submitted
by Industries members, each representing the furniture that literally carried
their weight during the long months of social distancing.

Each chair was cut on our CNC machine by Larry Zagorsky, a long time member of the Industries and resident at AS220.

“During this time, we have literally, and in some ways, metaphorically,

avoided sharing tables and other space with others outside of our small

bubbles. As an organization, AS220 relied heavily on in-person

serendipitous encounters among strangers, collaborators, performances,

skill-share learning, and other human ties. Over a year of social distancing,

AS220 Industries moved its programming online and we did our best to

recreate this human connection virtually”

Hannah Liongoren, Industries Member and Curator of Exhibition

A Seat at the Table is a gathering of these chairs that witness this
unprecedented period in our human existence, evoking the experience of
sharing a table and stories with those you care about. As we have adapted
to the lack of physical interaction, these handcrafted objects, bearing the
marks of our hands serve as a physical manifestation of our collective

Participating artists include: Hannah Liongoren, Larry Zagorsky, Jeffrey Yoo Warren, Salina Ting, Nadine Almada, Shannon Kennelly, Neal Walsh, Sara Inacio, Lara Henderson, Sarina Mitchel, Ryan Dean, Leigh Waldron-Taylor, Keri King, Madison Emond

Hannah Liongoren is an illustrator and designer pursuing a masters’ degree
in Interior Architecture focused on Adaptive Reuse in Rhode Island School of

Madison Emond, the Membership Coordinator of AS220 Industries, is a
photographer, sculptor, climate justice activist, and Fulbright Scholar. She
lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island where Emond is the
Membership Coordinator of AS220 Industries. She graduated from Bard
College in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography and has been featured in various publications and exhibitions in the New York area, Providence, RI, Asheville, NC and Nizhny Tagil, Russia.

A Seat at the Table was located at the Resident Gallery, 131 Washington St,
Providence during October 2021