News: February Workshops at AS220 Industries

Fab Lab

Learn to Solder:  Blinky Cat Pins
Sunday February 3, 12-2pm
Make a blinky cat pin, learn to solder, get an introduction to AS220 Industries!   No experience required, come learn the basics of electronics in this easy-to-assemble project.  Instructor: Katie Gradowski.  

Advanced: CNC Milling
Saturdays February 16 + 23, 2-6 pm  
This workshop is for anyone that has completed the Shopbot class and wants to machine small metal parts.  This workshop covers basic machine operation and safety and will certify you to use the TORMACH Personal CNC for independent use.  Instructor: Larry Zagorsky

Intro to Arduino
Sundays February 17 + 24, 2-5pm
Arduino is an open source platform designed to help artists, educators, and designers develop affordable prototypes for interactive design.  If you’ve never touched code and want to build something, this workshop is for you! Instructor: Nicolás Kisic Aguirre

Build a Microscope with Public Lab
Sunday March 3, 11-1pm
Build a microscope and take it hope!  At our DIY Community Microscope workshop, we’ll guide participants through building their own microscope with affordable materials: cardboard, bolts, webcams, and tape.  Instructor: Jeff Warren.

Media Arts

Intro to Podcasting
Tuesdays February 5-19, 6-9pm
Learn about different kinds of podcasts, what makes a good podcast, and go over the basics of recording and editing a podcast episode using Hindenburg Journalist, and publishing a podcast using a service like ShoutEngine, Libsyn, or Podbean.   Instructor: Jacob Haller

Visual Storytelling: Comic Book Artists and Illustrators
Tuesdays February 5-26, 6-9pm
This workshop is a perfect crash course for anyone wanting to learn how to make comics, graphic novels or illustrations that speak to a viewer. Whether it’s start forward, abstract, traditional or digital, all the basics will be covered in this intensive class. This workshop is suggested for ages 17 and up.  Instructor: Steve Mardo

Build Your Portfolio
Wednesdays February 6-27, 6-9pm
Do you have incredible projects but struggle with getting them out into the world?  Learn how to create a high quality portfolio using InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop in this hands-on workshop.  Instructor: José Menéndez

Cyanotype Printmaking
Saturday February 9, 2-5pm
Cyanotype, a photographic printing process that results in a cyan-blue print, is the perfect place to start an education in alternative (non-silver) photographic processes.  Instructor: Rosemary Marchetta

NEW:  Music Production
Saturdays February 16 + 23, 2-5pm
Music Production will offer a space where both solo and collaboration projects emerge through the process of learning music components, song arrangement, editing, and mastering through Apple Mac’s Logic Pro X software. Participants will leave with MP3s of their own songs made from scratch!  Instructor: Anthony Andrade

Darkroom Intensive
Sundays February 17 + 24, 10-2pm
Learn your way around the Paul Krot Community Darkroom. From mixing chemicals to understanding enlargers, gain a hands on introduction to traditional black and white photo printing. Students should bring two rolls of exposed black and white film to class to develop. Instructor: Justin Espinal


Big Press Training
Sundays February 3 + 10, 10-4pm
Learn how to operate and print on the 5×9’ Takach etching press. This class is ideal for intermediate to advanced level printmakers that have experience in either monotype, etching, or relief. Familiarity with a traditional etching press is required.  Instructors: Kate Aitchison and Allison Bianco

Offset Intensive
Mondays February 4-25, 6-10pm
Colorful ‘zines, single-page artists’ books, posters, and flyers can all be created in large quantities using the offset. Get certified to use the ABDick Offset Press in this four-week intensive class.  Instructor: Jacque Bidon.

Silkscreen Intensive
Sunday February 10, 10-6pm
A comprehensive introduction to screen printing covering stencil design, troubleshooting, registration, and proper print procedure.  Design and print a multiple color print with a maximum dimension of 8″x10″. This workshop will certify you to book time in the silkscreen studio.  Instructor: John McCaughey

Color / Texture / Surface / Pattern:  Screenprinting
Saturdays February 16 + 23, 10-1pm
So you’ve started screenprinting but you aren’t getting the results you want? This class may be for you!   Color / texture / surface / pattern in (silkscreen) will help you loosen up your practice and review the mechanics and techniques in silkscreen.