New Project

Reverbalizer Hackable Multieffects Module

The Reverbalizer is a hackable electronic multieffects module for mobile and microcontroller applications. It is hackable in two ways. It comes with 8 effects in ROM and 8 on the re-programmable cartridge.
New Project

Handmade Photosensitive Emulsions Workshop

In this day and age, the magic of the darkroom offers a disruptive departure from the stream of instant and manipulated images. This workshop led by Kevin Rice
 of Process Reversal covered the chemistry, physics and practical considerations of making and coating silver gelatin emulsions for cinematography and photography.
New Project

Where’s Wally? Fab Academy 2015

Where's Wally is the final FabAcademy project submission from Kenzo Abiko, a student who travelled from his hometown of San Paolo, Brazil to gain from all AS220 Industries had to offer.
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The Wordclock

This clock by Matt Zimmerman spells out the exact time every five minutes. The two minutes before and the two minutes after are the exact time plus "ish". You'll love it!

MOTE Gallery Acronym Generator

Here's a little Arduino board and code that generates suitable expansions of the MOTE acronym.

Fabble, a press fit game

This project is from Aisha Jandosova's portfolio from the 2014 Fab Academy at AS220.

Generative Posters for RI Mini Maker Faire

This poster was created by a process I like to call algorithmic ballyhoo; using a Processing program to generate many different unique poster designs.

Foo Fest 2014 Vacuum Formed Masks

For the 2014 Foo Fest the Labs brought out the vacuum former and helped people make styrene masquerade masks with laser cut cardboard forms.

Dwarf Fortress Mini Golf

In July 2014 AS220 Labs put in a proposal to make one of the holes for the Providence Put Put mini golf course in the Armory park. The theme was Dwarf Fortress.

Fab Academy 2013 Drawbot Class Project

The 2013 Fab Academy class made a drawbot based on the design of the Makelangelo 2.