As of April 2021, the Industries remains closed to the general public due to COVID-19. However, we have begun the process of reopening our space to our current membership!

Here is information on our reopening phases here at the Industries:

Practice Phase (January 2021-Present): In September of 2020, the Industries membership began to have conversations about how to reopen AS220 Industries safely during the pandemic. A small group of members created reopening plans for their specific workspaces. The Practice Phase is the time for these members to use the Industries space and equipment in order to work through the kinks of their own reopening plans. 

Pilot Phase (Start Date TBD): The Pilot Phase will be the time for expansion of access to more Pay As You Go and Monthly Members beyond the current list of members participating in the Practice Phase. 

We do not yet have a date for accepting new membership, but we hope to welcome new members to our spaces once it is safe and responsible to do so! Check back here or email for more information


How do these phases fit in with the long term goals of AS220 Industries?

Although these phases contextualize the current restrictions to access, it does not reflect the broader goals of AS220 Industries. These restrictions are only in place to keep our members safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. When it is safe for the Industries to reopen fully to the public, our focus will shift back to providing equitable access to the resources of AS220 Industries for their personal creative practice or business, or for their creative skill building. We are committed to continuing to find ways of supporting artists and creative people from all backgrounds and technical abilities. 


Our Staff:

Madison Emond
Industries Membership Manager

Sara Inacio
Industries Education Manager