Due to increasing concerns about the spread of COVID-19, we have made the decision to close the Industries to the public effective immediately and until further notice.

For more information keep up on our blog posts on industries.as220.org and as220.org

Accessing our Facilities

AS220 Industries offers a wide array of resources for artists, designers, and makers of all kinds and all levels. We offer a range of membership levels at different points of access. We also help new users training via our affordable introductory workshops on every piece of equipment.

Only members can reserve time in a space or on a piece of equipment. Once you are trained to use the equipment, you can book time to work independently.

New members who have previous experience or training can complete the member agreement, attend new member orientation,  and attend equipment specific safety orientation to gain access without taking our classes.

Steps to gain access

  • Complete a membership application  (MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM ON HOLD until Feb 2020)
    • Pay As You Go / Volunteer / Standard Membership Form
    • Emerging Membership Form
    • AS220 Staff or Resident membership form – please email industries.
  • Return the form to the Industries office during Public Hours
  • Membership will be processed with 2-3 business days
  • Attend the mandatory new member orientation
  • Attend equipment/facility safety orientation

All members are required to attend a new member orientation. 
Once you have attended an orientation and paid membership dues (if a monthly member) then you may book time and access the space/equipment.

If you would like to book a tool, you will pass a basic tool certification to demonstrate basic safety and competence or need to additionally take a class.


Membership at AS220 Industries

AS220 Industries offers different membership options with varying levels of access and responsibility.

  • Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG): This is membership allows you to book tools as needed for a usage fee. PAYG may use coworking spaces for free but pay by the block for all bookable resources. PAYG may not hold keys and may not access the space after hours // PAYG includes a one-time administrative fee of $20.
  • Volunteer Monthly Membership*: This is a great membership level for people who plan to be in the space a lot and want to actively support the community. Monthly members are shop stewards and caretakers. Quite literally, the space would not exist without them. We require 3 months of dues upfront for this membership level when you first sign up. 
  • Standard Monthly Membership*: Same as above, but with no volunteer commitment. A great option if you want to use the space for creative work but don’t have a lot of extra time. In lieu of hours, we will happily take money! Standard members are eligible for key access for 24/7 use after 6 months.
  • Emerging Member : Open to young people ages 18-24,  or a youth alum of the Providence Youth Arts Collaborative. Public hours only, supplies fees not included. If you are 18-21 you are eligible to participate in AS220 Youth program which provides weekly instruction, guidance and provides supplies at no cost. For more information about AS220 Youth, please their website

For both volunteer, standard and emerging membership, there is a requirement to attend bimonthly member meetings so we can share important updates.

Dues are non-refundable. It is your responsibility as a member to track and use your allocated blocks of time. 


All members are expected to:

  • Adhere to health and safety guidelines as explained during classes and orientation.
  • Use equipment only after receiving training and approval from Industries staff
  • Work responsibly and independently
  • Show respect toward the facilities, equipment, and other members
  • Leave the space clean and orderly, factoring clean-up into blocks of time
  • Leave all equipment and supplies on the premises
  • Understand that you are liable for any damage incurred to Industries computers or equipment due to misuse or negligence

Equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the AS220 Industries is provided to all individuals regardless of race, national origin, color, gender, age, religion, sexual preference, or disability in admission, access, or employment.

INDUSTRIES KEY MEMBER HOURS:  24 hours, 7 days a week

Occasionally studios are closed to key members for cleaning, equipment repair, and staff in-service days. Closings will be posted and emailed to members in advance.

Non-key holding members can only access the facilities and equipment during open hours. 

HOLIDAYS — AS220 Industries office and facilities are closed to the public on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day Day after Thanksgiving 
  • Christmas Day 

The Industries may also be closed additional days/times for special events and shop shutdowns for cleaning, equipment resets, or staff in-service days.

////// Send your questions to Industries@as220.org

Our Staff:

Nafis White
Community Membership Manager

Funmi Aileru
Education Manager

Britton Kroessler
Industries Facilities Manager