We offer a wide array of resources for artists, designers, and makers of all kinds and all levels. We offer affordable introductory workshops on every piece of equipment. Class sizes are small, averaging just 5 students, and in many cases we can provide one-on-one instruction. Once you are trained to use the equipment, you can book time to work independently.


Our latest membership contract is available for download here.

AS220 Industries offers a few different membership options with varying levels of access and responsibility.

  • Pay-As-You-Go: Access to resources can be paid by block of time: each block is 2 hours in the Labs and Media Arts and 4 hours in the Printshop. Each block of time is $25, and two blocks back-to-back are $45.
  • Shop Monitor Membership: $40/month. Shop Membership includes eight blocks of time per month, with additional blocks of time available for $15 each. Shop Members work 8 volunteer hours per month in exchange for the inexpensive monthly membership fee. Shop Members “monitor” the facilities, providing guidance and support to new users and enabling access for regular monthly members. Shop Members must attend one Monitor Training session; see “Orientation” below for more information and to sign up. Shop Membership requires a three month commitment, after which can allow one to have 24/7 key access.

After three months as a Shop member, some members upgrade to Key Membership out of a desire to be more involved in the Industries community, daily operations, and decision-making. Key Members have key access to the facilities outside of Open Hours, in addition to 8 blocks of time per month during Open Hours. Key Members also receive a 50% discount on flat file and drawer storage.

In addition to the $40 monthly fee and eight hours of volunteering per month, Key Members participate in monthly member meetngs. They might take responsibility for fundraising initiatives, shop maintenance, space improvements, event planning, new member orientation, and Monitor training. Key Membership requires a six-month commitment.

All of our Memberships are on an individual basis and do not cover shop use by family members or friends. However, if you have a friend interested in keeping you company while you work, by all means, they are welcome, as long as they do not disturb other members working in the space.

At AS220, we pride ourselves on being inclusive of all ages and you are similarly welcome to bring children along to hang out or help out. Please be aware that there are chemicals used in our facilities that pose safety risks, so children should be adequately supervised.


Shop Members must attend a free Monitor Training session before beginning monitor duties. Pay-As-You-Go users are encouraged to attend a session before using Industries resources.

Contact Chris Anderson, chris.anderson@as220.org or (401)-831-9327 x202 to sign up for an orientation session.


All members are expected to:

  • adhere to health and safety guidelines as explained during classes and orientation
  • use equipment only after receiving training and approval from Industries Staff
  • work responsibly and independently
  • show respect toward the facilities, equipment, and other members
  • leave the space clean and orderly, factoring clean-up into blocks of time
  • leave all equipment and supplies on the premises
  • understand that you are liable for any damage incurred to Industries computers or equipment due to misuse or negligence

Equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the AS220 Industries is provided to all individuals regardless of race, national origin, color, gender, age, religion, sexual preference, or disability in admission, access, or employment.


We offer introductory workshops on each Industries resource. After completion of a course, you may rent time on the equipment and work independently.

To register for courses online, visit: http://shop.as220.org/collections/workshops.

One-on-one instruction can also be scheduled at $30/hr; contact industries@as220.org for more information.

If you already have experience with Industries equipment, you may obtain access by meeting with Industries staff and providing a portfolio of work samples.

General shop training. Pay-As-You-Go users are encouraged attend an Open House or Orientation Session.


You may store work and materials only in rented flat file and storage drawers. Pay-As-You-Go users may store one silkscreen in the Printshop; Monitor and Key members may store up to three screens. All members may opt to pay $5 monthly for storage of 3 additional screens.

No personal belongings may be stored outside of rented storage areas unless approved by Industries staff (i.e. materials stored short-term for a project). Personal items will be moved to the lost and found if possible (flat file #36), and stored for up to two weeks. Staff will make every effort to notify members about items left behind. After two weeks, unclaimed items may be removed from the space. AS220 Industries claims no responsbility for items left outside of rented storage units.

Ownership of a flat file, drawer, or locker revert back to AS220 Industries a) for yearly rentals: at the end of one year, unless payment is renewed, or b) for monthly rentals: after 2 months of lapsed payment. Monthly rentals must be paid via recurring payment: go to http://shop.as220.org/collections/fees-printshop, choose

Flat File, Drawer Storage, or Flat File + Drawer Storage, and click on the Subscribe button.

Storage spaces do not have locks; shop members are expected to respect the personal property of other members. AS220 Industries is not responsible for personal property left in unpaid storage units.


To use the equipment, you must make a reservation using the online scheduler:


We will provide you with a login after you have completed a class or discussed your experience with a staff member.

Some work does not require a reservation – for example, coating or exposing a silkscreen or two, making polymer plates for letterpress, cutting paper on the guillotine, and short-term use of equipment and computers in the Media Arts Lab.

Anything that requires long-term use of a particular resource or area of the shop requires a reservation.

Speak with a staff member if you are unsure about whether or not you need to make a reservation.

If a scheduling conflict arises, members may delete reserved blocks of time. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to allow other members to utilize available time. Missed blocks of time that are not cancelled ahead of time will be billed at $15 per block. Exceptions may be made in the case of an emergency.


AS220 Industries office and facilities are closed on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day
Independence Day
Veteran’s Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Christmas Day

Monday holidays are not included on this list, since AS220 Industries is closed to the public on Mondays.

inclement weather

AS220 Industries facilities is occasionally closed due to weather conditions. Information will be posted on the reservation calendar and on the AS220 website (www.as220.org). Members who have reserved time will also receive an email from Industries staff.

meet the staff
Chris Anderson
Media Arts Manager


Shawn Wallace
Industries Director
Labs Manager

Tycho Horan
Printshop Community Manager